God’s Last Word

God created us with the capacity to have a close relationship with Him. And in seeking to build this relationship,  He chose to reveal Himself progressively. In His ultimate revelation of Himself..He clothed Himself with humanity, coming down to the level that would make it easiest for us to understand Him. This is an indication of just how much He values a relationship with us!

Changed by the Truth

I was 15 when I had my encounter with the truth.  A group of university students held a concert entitled  'Evidence'.  Seeing the joy and radiance on those student's faces and hearing the passion in their voices as they shared about the difference the truth had made in their lives,  helped me realize that they were indeed, evidence with a capital 'E' that Jesus was real! And so began a relationship with Him that has come to mean more to me than anything.

Discovering the All Sufficient One

As Christians we are never limited to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength.  When, in faith, we  draw on the power that is already inside us through His indwelling Spirit, He will surely energize us  – not just for the tasks we think we can't handle but even for those we think that we can.  Let's never forget He is the Vine, that we have the joy and privilege of being the branches through which His supernatural life flows (John 15:1).