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My prayer is that you will be blessed by my blog.

I will be publishing a song or poem and an accompanying devotional regularly.

The devotionals that I have written so far are in the following themes

  1. The Awakening –  to help us focus on a fresh revelation of God’s love, our need for cleansing and forgiveness, and our need to receive His gift of salvation.
  2. Portraits of His Majesty – to develop our appreciation of the amazing and unmatched attributes of God.
  3. Triumphing – to remind us of the victory we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Treasures in the Darkness – encouragement for when you are going through hard times.
  5. The King is Coming – to raise our anticipation of the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ to reign on earth in power and glory.

I will progressively be adding new devotionals under each theme.

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A collection of original songs and poems and accompanying meditations written by Christiana Sarah Kanaiya.

The soundtracks for the songs are not available  on this site at this time, but they will be, in due season.

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More about the Blog

Why did I write these meditations? First and foremost I felt I needed to internalize the message contained in each song before I shared the songs with the world.

Colossians 3:16 points out the following:

  • As we teach and admonish one another with psalms, hymns and songs that come from the Spirit then Jesus Christ’s message dwells in us richly;
  • We are to use songs as a teaching medium
  • Using songs as teaching tool, is wisdom. I think that this is probably because it is easier to memorize a song. And when we put the words to music, the message in a Scriptural song becomes even more impactful.
  • We are to sing with gratitude in our hearts.

The Greek word for teach in this passage is didaskontes from didasko – to teach (literally, “cause to learn”); instruct, impart knowledge (disseminate information).[1]

The word for admonish is nounethountes from nouthetéō (“admonish through instruction”) especially appeals to the mind, supplying doctrinal and spiritual substance (content). This “exerts positive pressure” on someone’s logic (reasoning), i.e. urging them to choose (or turn to) God’s best. [2]

I can wholeheartedly testify that these songs have kept me grounded in the truth. They have been a source of comfort, peace, reassurance and joy. They have, just as it says in Colossians 3:16, caused my heart to be filled with gratitude to a God who is so personal and so real that He speaks to us in a variety of ways. Music is one of the most powerful and convicting of those ways!

[1] Source: Strongs Concordance

[2] Source: Strongs Concordance

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